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No third party administrator is more vigilant at containing your costs and increasing your bottom line.

Five Points Benefit Plans protects your interests and bottom line with the industry’s most sophisticated, automated system that adjudicates,then double checks claims for both plan compliance and provider fraud, waste, abuse and error. We create the most affordable health plans to meet your budget and vision.

What is a third party administrator?

A third party administrator (TPA) is a company that designs, implements and administers self-funded employer health plans (small, mid-size, and large) association health plans, retirement plans that are offered by employers. TPA's can offer over 4,000 other possible benefits products. The third party administrator collaborates closely with the employer, their financial adviser, their CPA, and their attorney to ensure the plan is designed to best meet the employer’s goals and is flexible enough to adapt to changing business conditions. They are licensed by the States they participate in and Follow ERISA and other federal rules and regulations.

Why is it necessary to utilize a third party administrator?

  1. Expertise in benefit & retirement plan regulations – Third party administrators are experts at navigating the intricate tax codes that govern employer-sponsored retirement plans. Meeting these requirements ensures that the plan remains qualified and continues to receive special tax benefits.

  2. Protection of your profits – The third party administrator designs health and retirement plans that redistribute and, thus, help to retain the firm’s valuable profits.

  3. Higher contributions for owners – A knowledgeable third party administrator, like Five Points Benefit Plans Design, knows how to optimize the allocation of employer contributions in favor of the owners, while still following the regulations set forth by the IRS.

Why choose Five Points Benefit Plans Design as your third party administrator?

  • Responsive service – We are committed to responding to client communication and key issues on a timely basis. It is our promise to be attentive to the needs of our clients.

  • Open communication – We ensure clients understand the process, features and ongoing details of the benefit plan.

  • Superior technical expertise – Every plan administrator at Five Points Benefit Plans Design is highly educated and experienced in the field of plan design and administration.

  • Accurate and timely work – Using both technology and the detailed eye of a professional, plan data is processed quickly, accurately and precisely.

  • Licensed 

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