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Shereada Doakes
Shereada Doakes
VP of Marketing & Sales 

Shereada is born proud of Mexican American Latina heritage.
She has a deep unbridled optimism, and enthusiasm that can best describe her as one of our youngest team member. Her deep passion for concerning all people in society today has led her to Five Points Health Benefits where she will advocate on your behalf your health benefits, well being and exceptional customer service.

She can be best described by her peers as deeply motivated, visionary, and a problem solver. She has the keen ability to quickly adapt to any problems and resolve them on your behalf.

Utilizing her strong leadership skills, her effective communication abilities, and her excellent team-oriented work approach, she has successfully trained diverse staff members in customer service orientation and development of customer services skills in her other work experiences.

Shereada at a young age has always demonstrated her deep passion for serving and helping others, as she currently does with existing clients at Five Points Health Benefits, and is fluent in both English and Spanish.

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