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Health Plans You Can Afford
College Student Basic Plan
$45 Online Application
Plan Description

Basic Plan


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Plus Plan


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College Student Plus Plan
$99 Online Application

What a College Student Needs to Know About Health Benefits

Not only are you being challenged more than ever academically, for many students it is their first foray into the adult world. No more is mom around to take care of laundry or make sure that you’re eating a balanced meal.

We are a Benefits Healthcare Organization for ALL Students

Why you need Health Benefits

Many college students may be under the thinking that they are young, healthy and in no need of health benefits. But that is just not the case. Young people are just as much at risk, and at times more so to need medical care as the rest of the population. Young people, while only making up 14% of the US population also makeup over 50% of all vehicular accidents injuries. Also, one in five young adults will suffer from a chronic illness. Youth does not equate health. You may suffer from an unexpected illness, accident or mental health issue, medical benefits can be a great help to you. College students also have higher rates of getting STD’s and unexpected pregnancies. Health care is expensive and having benefits can keep you from being in medical debt before graduation.

What kind of coverage you can get

Five Points Benefit Plans coverage can be beneficial and there is an opportunity for excellent coverage.

The cost is Only $45 per month for a Basic Plan and $99 per month for Plus Plan.

Looking for a Provider?

When enrolled, we want to ensure you get the best service from our best First Health Network Providers. Click the link below to find a provider near you for the services you need.

Need to see a doctor NOW?

Add TELADOC to your services

By enrolling for TELADOC services, you can have access to our nationwide range of doctors at the palm of your hands. Sign up today and communicate your concerns with a doctor now from either the web, or your phone.

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