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How To Complete

Enrollment Form Process


  • Please complete all enrollment information, in its entirety, to be used and/or added to your plan


Submit your TELADOC application with your other enrollment application, or contact us to have these services to your pre-existing membership:


       1. Print and send fax to (915) 519-0261 [SECURE LINE]

       2. Upload file and email to:

       3. Print and mail to our office: Attention Enrollment services

Five Points Benefit Plans, LLC
6006 N. Mesa St. - Suite 108
El Paso, Texas 79912
*Please be advised to keep a copy of these documents for your own records*

Once enrolled and your payment is processed, you will receive two Enrollment Packages in the US mail within 2 weeks: 

1) First Health Network is a Aetna | Coventry Company,  ID Network Card   2) Optum Rx ID Card


First Health Network is a Aetna | Coventry Company, You will need to take your ID Network Card to your doctor appointments as proof of coverage.

Members can call our service center if you have any issues regarding plan coverage or ID cards. You will need your Optum Rx ID Card when you pick up your prescriptions from any of the major pharmacies.

Customer Service Center hours: M-F 7am - 5pm

Telephone Number: 800-521-7244

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